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Physical Therapy in Fargo, ND

Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation provides physical therapy services to those living in and around Fargo, ND. Dr. Marc Vein uses natural techniques to minimize and de-escalate your symptoms and chronic conditions that may otherwise land you in surgery. For example, a spinal cord injury, bone break, and carpal tunnel syndrome are effectively treated with our non-invasive services by our physical therapy chiropractor. Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation works with local medical doctors and hospitals including Sanford Medical Center Fargo and Essential Health-Fargo to determine which physical therapy or functional therapy methods are appropriate for your recovery. If you are suffering from an injury or are living with a chronic condition that limits your mobility and daily functions, we encourage you to speak with Dr. Marc Vein regarding our physical therapy services.

Woman getting physical therapy for her injuried shoulder.

A Return of Mobility with our Physical Therapy Chiropractor

When you begin physical therapy at Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation, your overall health and conditions are evaluated. This may include an evaluation of your strength, pain level, and joint range of motion, overall mobility, neurological functions, and balance. Dr. Marc Vein uses this information to put together a physical rehabilitation program which includes both passive and active exercises. Passive exercises are those in which our physical therapist moves your body into stretches designed to increase your flexibility or functional ability. Active exercises include activities such as walking, balancing or weight-lifting in which you perform the movements under the guidance of our physical therapist. Your physical rehabilitation program may also include the use of x-rays to provide a greater picture of the bone structure, massage therapy to ease muscle tension or cold and hot therapies to promote recovery and reduce inflammation. 

Our physical therapy in Fargo ND uses a combination of treatments and techniques to reduce your pain, restore your functional abilities, improve your strength and enhance your flexibility. Some of our physical therapy modalities include:

  • Muscle facilitation in which our physical therapist gently maneuvers your body through a series of stretches to improve your range of motion
  • Muscular inhibition which aims to improve the neurological functions that travel from your brain to your muscles
  • Stability training to enhance your balance and improve the strength of the muscles supporting joints
  • At-home stretches to improve your overall function and flexibility
  • Postural exercises to strengthen your core and keep your spine aligned
  • Functional therapy to relearn how to perform daily tasks such as unloading a dishwasher
  • Breathing exercises to improve circulation and reduce stress

Contact us Today for More Information on Physical Therapy

Often, you may only think of physical therapy following an injury, heart attack or stroke. While we are able to care for you if you have suffered these events, our physical therapy programs also enhance your daily functions. For instance, if you are struggling with fibromyalgia pain, physical therapy reduces your pain by gently strengthening and stretching muscles. This also gives you greater control over daily tasks. To schedule your physical rehabilitation consultation, please contact us today at 701-232-4770.

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