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Personal Injury Treatment at Our Fargo Chiropractor

Whether you are injured in a car accident, have suffered a fall at work, or have sustained an injury in some other way, finding the right personal injury treatment plan quickly becomes a high priority. Depending on the accident, there may be injuries to the back, neck, shoulders, or even headaches and other injuries sustained. Seeing a personal injury chiropractor in Fargo ND is a popular choice for many. At Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation in Fargo, ND our chiropractor, Dr. Marc Vein, uses a combination of chiropractic and other techniques in order to find the right personalized approach.

chiropractor giving a woman an adjustment due to a personal injury

More Than Chiropractic Care For Back Pain

It is well known that chiropractic care for back pain can help with a variety of injuries to the back.  In general, chiropractors often use spinal manipulation to the vertebrae of the spinal column in order to correct misalignments and relieve pressure that is on joints, nerves, ligaments, or other parts of the body.  

What to Expect When Seeking Treatment

If you've been in a car accident or have a work-related injury, getting a complete diagnosis and personal injury treatment plan as soon as possible is important, both for your own recovery as well as making your claim with the insurance company or filing a lawsuit.  With chiropractic care for back pain, (or other pain) we assess exactly what happened so that we can make a firm connection between your accident and your injury.

It is important to come in as soon as possible, in order to get the most accurate assessment for your claim and help make sure you have the documentation you need to pursue the legal side of your case. While we're not lawyers, we do realize that often time’s personal injuries happen because of an accident that was someone else's fault, resulting in the necessity of filing a personal injury claim.

Pursuing Personalized Treatment from our Chiropractor in Fargo ND

Because chiropractic care is based on a natural approach, treating your injuries will most likely not be completed in a single session. Instead, we will determine which combination of approaches is most likely to yield long-term results and give you the best quality care possible. In addition to spinal manipulations, we also provide

  • X-rays and another diagnostic testing
  • Nutrition and lifestyle consultations,
  • Physical therapy and exercise instruction,
  • Massage Therapy.
  • Supplement  recommendations

Call Us Today To Learn More!

Whatever personalized treatment we pursue, it is one that the patient plays a strong role in. By following the program, you help to increase your own strength and flexibility in order to prevent further injury. If you've been in an accident, or if you are experiencing general or specific pain caused by daily life, at Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation in Fargo, ND, we would like to help you get on the right road to better health. Contact us at 701-232-4770 to schedule a personalized assessment of your injuries.

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