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Welcome to Pain Relief with our Chiropractor in Fargo, ND

Dr. Marc Vein looks forward to sharing with you the benefits of chiropractic care and our chiropractic approach for a healthy alignment of your spine and joints. If you live in or near the Fargo or Moorehead areas, the staff at Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation encourages you to contact us for alternative health care. 

Woman with back pain needs chiropractic care.

Our Chiropractor in Fargo

Our Fargo chiropractor Dr. Vein evaluates the position of your spine to determine where manual adjustments to the vertebrae can be made to reduce pain in conditions such as herniated discs, sciatica, spinal abnormalities, headaches, whiplash and low back pain. He uses the FACT technique to effectively evaluate your body and determine if you require chiropractic adjustments, corrective exercises, massage therapy, physical therapy and nutritional guidance. Dr. Vein also provides relief for conditions such as migraines, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, fatigue, and insomnia as well as conditions related to back and joint pain. 

One of the most popular and common reasons people seek our chiropractic office in Fargo is for spinal adjustments. Spinal adjustments are gentle and many patients say they experience a reduction in discomfort almost immediately. Our chiropractor will teach you how through at-home exercises, work ergonomics and improved ways of sleeping can help you keep a healthy spine. In addition to spinal adjustments, Dr. Vein adjusts joints such as your elbows, knees, and shoulders. These adjustments allow for smoother movements and elimination of discomfort in conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, runner's knee, golfer's elbow, frozen shoulder and sprained ankles.

Care through Chiropractic Moorehead, ND

Our chiropractic care services are designed to meet your individual needs. Dr. Vein evaluates your symptoms and reviews your health history to determine which of our natural services will bring you immediate and lasting relief. Chiropractic care works with your body's natural healing process to speed your recovery time from auto accidents and sport-related injuries. It also improves the way your body functions overall which enhances your immune system, cardiovascular health, and digestive system. 

As you become a part of the family at Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation, you discover the overall benefits of chiropractic care. Through chiropractic care, you will notice less pain, improved energy levels and better body operation as a whole. You will also notice improved sleep and enhanced focus at work and at home. 

Contact Our Fargo Chiropractor Today

With continued chiropractic care, your body learns to remain in the healthier position with fewer chances of future injuries and discomforts. If you are seeking the natural benefits of chiropractic Moorehead ND residents are invited to visit our center or browse our website for more information. 

To schedule your appointment call us today at 701-232-4770.

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