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Keeping your Spine In-Line and your Pain Away!

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Welcome to Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation

Keeping your spine in-line and your pain away!!!

Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation with Dr. Marc Vein, is a natural health center that brings uplifting awareness to the surrounding community regarding health problems through personal and business relations supporting health and wellness within all people from newborns to senior citizen, from office personnel to construction workers.

We have a wellness center established for clinical excellence by raising the standard of true health care. We take great measures to work with all people with health concerns and strive to answer the question "why". Why are you feeling this way? Why do you have these symptoms? Why are you tired for half the day? Why are your headaches recurring?

body.jpgWe greatly encourage you to think of questions, present them to us and we will strive to provide the best answer regarding your health problem because everyone deserves optimum well being.

Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation seeks to bring the body back to health through methods of natural supplements, added therapies, physical therapies and spinal manipulations, which are adjustments of the vertebrae in the spinal column. Our doctors are experts in wellness care. In addition to spinal manipulation, chiropractors are qualified to provide soft tissue manipulation such as muscle massage, physical exams, diagnostic consultations, x-rays, counseling patients in lifestyle and nutritional changes and exercise instructions aimed at reducing pain and building strength and flexibility.

Dr. Marc Vein
Fargo Chiropractor | Fargo Spine and Rehabilitation | 701-232-4770

2800 University Dr. S.
Fargo, ND 58103

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